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Financial Information


Insurance Your insurance policy is a contract between you (the beneficiary), your employer (the subscriber), and the insurance provider. As a service provider, Londonderry Dental Centre II is not a legislated partner in this contract – You are ultimately responsible for your account balance.

Contact your insurance provider for a comprehensive description of covered services, fee schedules, deductibles, and claim processes. Knowing your insurance policy will help eliminate surprises with payments and reimbursements.

Fee Schedule

Every dental office determines a fee schedule outlining the fees charged for specific services. We have determined our fee structure by considering the professional guidelines set out by the Alberta Dental Association (http://www.abda.ab.ca/) and specific information related to operating this office. These fees are the same for all patients in our office.

Every insurance provider also determines a fee schedule outlining the maximum they will pay for specific services. Most insurance providers base their fee schedule on information published in the Alberta Dental Association Guide (1997).

If the fee schedule for Londonderry Dental Centre II is different than the fee schedule(s) used by your insurance provider(s), you are responsible for the balance owing.

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